Monday, November 9, 2009


I posted a look on (⟵click it!). More, I entered Jeffrey Campbell's Shoe Contest on Lookbook. You should HYPE me!

For this look, I concentrated more on the shoes because they were the highlight of my outfit.

These shoes are DIY: Acrylic paint on everyday white flats.

The inspiration?

I had learned a new korean word: complex.
Not the "characterized by a very complicated or involved " complex, but the 'psychological or physical part of your body you dislike' complex.

And so I started to look myself over from both the inside and out.
I discovered that there were many parts in me , both inside and out, that I was not satisfied with. One of them, my feet.

As I sat on my bed looking at my feet, I wondered what it would be to have a pair of shoes that portrayed your feet in the MOST beautiful way possible.

So, Hype Up!

In addition, I was looking at some online clothing sites looking at the model's hair color.
Is hers too blonde?

picture from stylenanda

P.S. Larry if you see this, HI :D