Sunday, September 27, 2009

black, black, and more black.

It's funny how when black isn't 'in',
black is goth, but when black is 'in', it's chic.

Up until last year, color infiltrated my closet. Colors that only korean pop stars would wear. Well, maybe not all.
However, this year black has seeped into my wardrobe magically transforming all my color-wear into heaps and heaps of black clothes. This, I liked.

But why black?

A few reasons to like black:
1. It's chic.
2. It makes you look skinnier.
3. It's a neutral color.
4. It goes with everything and anything.
5. It is everlasting.

So, I was surfing through blogs and fashion magazines and discovered many ways to wear black whether it was simple or complex.

photos from

In these photos, I loved how she put together a very simple outfit and topped it off with amazing accessories. I also adore her hair color which here is also an excellent touch to her outfit.

Here are some other pictures of chic black combinations:

pictures from

I love each and every aspect of each coordination. None of them are over-accessorized, none of them portray a sense of emo, goth feel, and none of them are too revealing. All of them are just sickeningly perfect.

Black is the new thing, so let's get our hands on some.

P.S. I was looking at a magazine and found these amazing YSL pumps.
They're not out yet on the market so we'll have to wait!

pictures from style magazine

Saturday, September 19, 2009

spell it right.

happy birthday to larry!
the sweetest, coolest, nicest, guyfriend ever.

red 'linda' crop sweater from Godiva, leopard glasses from A*Land, black jeans from Uniqlo

It's one thing when you're in Apgujeong for everyday of the week wasting time at a cafe taking photos of yourself with your photobooth. It's another thing when you're walking to your cafe when you see the sign 'SALE' in red written in block print against the clean glass wall of a small store named after the best chocolate in the world. Yes, sale. That four-lettered word is every girl's adventure, every girl's dive into the deep blue sea of......well, clothes, shoes and accessories. Well, it is for me.

And eye-shopping at a store is a much more prolific way to spend time than by sitting on a small couch with a laptop open taking pictures, right? So that's what I did. And as I was sifting through the racks priced 8 bucks, my eye lands on a maroon-ish, burgundy red-ish colored crop-sweater with the word 'LINDA' written on the front. I mean, it's fate if you see a shirt with your name written on it, right? Even though they spelled it wrong, with an 'I' and not a 'Y'?

Well, fuck fate, because I bought the sweater and it has to be the cutest thing in my closet right now.

Monday, September 7, 2009


It's raining and I'm in Apgujeong. 
But it's okay, cause I'm having fun looking up stuff online.

My current lust is Chanel. 
Seriously, who could resist Chanel?

pictures from

So here are my top five reasons for having a Large Flap Black Chanel bag:
1. It's black and black goes with everything.
2. It's chic and what's in is chic.
3. The shoulder strap is adjustable. Anything adjustable is a must.
4. It's a classic. Chanel is known for its unique quilted design. 
5. Everyone has it. I know, I know. Why get something everyone has? I usually don't but in this case, Chanel is a must.

And the great thing is that Christmas is in a few months. 
Oh, Santa Claus! Won't you come down my chimney that night with a black Chanel bag for me? Thanks. 

Sunday, September 6, 2009

the mystery is history.

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Tomorrow is yesterday, and the mystery is history. Well, in fashion it is. I've been looking around for pictures of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who are one of the best vintage dressers. 

pictures from cyworld and C-Head Magazine

This is Ashley Olsen. I'd say I'm in love with her pants. Not only does this look give off a stylish manly look, but it also makes you feel comfortable just by looking at it. The navy blue and the ivory pants just look great together. 
I feel that these days, comfort is also taking a huge part of the fashion industry. Maybe it's the 'going back into time' thing, where everything is going big on you. Just maybe. I don't know what's up but all I know is that the loose style fashion from the 90's is coming back. Who knows? Victorian style dresses with petticoats may be back in the near future. We'll just have to wait and see. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

casa bonita.

Due to a Swine-Flu breakout, my school closed down for a week. But it wasn't vacation, because the teachers still gave us loads of homework. As a little celebration for the end of this "Swine-Flu vacation" my friends and I went out for a quick lunch. 
After walking around Garusugil for a while, we decided to go to a really cute restaurant called Casa Bonita. The restaurant was set up like a house and my friends and I decided to eat in the second floor bedroom. Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures but I will next time. 
Our theme for today's lunch was: chic. And therefore we proceeded to dress up in all black or brown. 


Although our lunch only lasted for three hours, I still had fun. It was great to see my friends all dressed up and chic-ed up for the occasion. Plus, the weather was amazing today. 
Muy Bonita!