Sunday, September 27, 2009

black, black, and more black.

It's funny how when black isn't 'in',
black is goth, but when black is 'in', it's chic.

Up until last year, color infiltrated my closet. Colors that only korean pop stars would wear. Well, maybe not all.
However, this year black has seeped into my wardrobe magically transforming all my color-wear into heaps and heaps of black clothes. This, I liked.

But why black?

A few reasons to like black:
1. It's chic.
2. It makes you look skinnier.
3. It's a neutral color.
4. It goes with everything and anything.
5. It is everlasting.

So, I was surfing through blogs and fashion magazines and discovered many ways to wear black whether it was simple or complex.

photos from

In these photos, I loved how she put together a very simple outfit and topped it off with amazing accessories. I also adore her hair color which here is also an excellent touch to her outfit.

Here are some other pictures of chic black combinations:

pictures from

I love each and every aspect of each coordination. None of them are over-accessorized, none of them portray a sense of emo, goth feel, and none of them are too revealing. All of them are just sickeningly perfect.

Black is the new thing, so let's get our hands on some.

P.S. I was looking at a magazine and found these amazing YSL pumps.
They're not out yet on the market so we'll have to wait!

pictures from style magazine