Tuesday, September 1, 2009

casa bonita.

Due to a Swine-Flu breakout, my school closed down for a week. But it wasn't vacation, because the teachers still gave us loads of homework. As a little celebration for the end of this "Swine-Flu vacation" my friends and I went out for a quick lunch. 
After walking around Garusugil for a while, we decided to go to a really cute restaurant called Casa Bonita. The restaurant was set up like a house and my friends and I decided to eat in the second floor bedroom. Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures but I will next time. 
Our theme for today's lunch was: chic. And therefore we proceeded to dress up in all black or brown. 


Although our lunch only lasted for three hours, I still had fun. It was great to see my friends all dressed up and chic-ed up for the occasion. Plus, the weather was amazing today. 
Muy Bonita!