Saturday, September 19, 2009

spell it right.

happy birthday to larry!
the sweetest, coolest, nicest, guyfriend ever.

red 'linda' crop sweater from Godiva, leopard glasses from A*Land, black jeans from Uniqlo

It's one thing when you're in Apgujeong for everyday of the week wasting time at a cafe taking photos of yourself with your photobooth. It's another thing when you're walking to your cafe when you see the sign 'SALE' in red written in block print against the clean glass wall of a small store named after the best chocolate in the world. Yes, sale. That four-lettered word is every girl's adventure, every girl's dive into the deep blue sea of......well, clothes, shoes and accessories. Well, it is for me.

And eye-shopping at a store is a much more prolific way to spend time than by sitting on a small couch with a laptop open taking pictures, right? So that's what I did. And as I was sifting through the racks priced 8 bucks, my eye lands on a maroon-ish, burgundy red-ish colored crop-sweater with the word 'LINDA' written on the front. I mean, it's fate if you see a shirt with your name written on it, right? Even though they spelled it wrong, with an 'I' and not a 'Y'?

Well, fuck fate, because I bought the sweater and it has to be the cutest thing in my closet right now.