Monday, September 7, 2009


It's raining and I'm in Apgujeong. 
But it's okay, cause I'm having fun looking up stuff online.

My current lust is Chanel. 
Seriously, who could resist Chanel?

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So here are my top five reasons for having a Large Flap Black Chanel bag:
1. It's black and black goes with everything.
2. It's chic and what's in is chic.
3. The shoulder strap is adjustable. Anything adjustable is a must.
4. It's a classic. Chanel is known for its unique quilted design. 
5. Everyone has it. I know, I know. Why get something everyone has? I usually don't but in this case, Chanel is a must.

And the great thing is that Christmas is in a few months. 
Oh, Santa Claus! Won't you come down my chimney that night with a black Chanel bag for me? Thanks.